Let’s be positive

Let’s be positive

Is it me, or is there an overwhelming amount of negativity in the world right now? A constant stream of bad news, hate and anger? It seems every where I turn, there’s a reason to feel down and anxious. Not that my brain needs much of an excuse for that. Anxious is its standard setting. It’s hard work though, living life from negative to another.

So, just for fun, here’s something positive. An ever-growing rock snake on St John’s Road in Edinburgh. Every single one carefully decorated by someone wanting to spread a little love and cheer. Beautiful.

Something else? How about a positive story. Izzy left her cuddly rabbit in the park last week, abandoning it in the midst of a typical toddler temper tantrum. Just a few hours later though, that very same rabbit was back in her arms having been dropped off by a friendly stranger who found it in the park and posted on a local Facebook group. One happy toddler, one night time melt down averted and one cuddly rabbit warm, dry and in need of a bath.

Cuddly rabbit

And finally, one more thing. Time. When we talk about lock down, it’s nearly always negative, usually along the lines of ‘I’m bored of being stuck inside, unable to do anything or see anyone‘. And there is no doubt that the situation has been difficult for everyone, some far more than others and I do count us very lucky. But, looking on the positive side for a minute, for me, there’s an overwhelming one – time spent together. I’ve lost count of the weeks, but every day that my husband is off work on furlough is another day that he has with Izzy that he wouldn’t have had under normal circumstances and wow has that bond grown. We entered lock down with a Mummy’s girl but are most definitely leaving it with a Daddy’s girl. It’s been wonderful to watch.

In a way, the same can be said for friends, family and neighbours as well. With everyone at home more, we have had more socially-distanced chats with people in our road than ever before. Likewise, with the zoom-craze in full swing we’ve seen our friends and family down in England more in the last few weeks than probably in the last year, virtually of course, but still more. I hope it continues as life returns to normal.