Planting sunflowers

Planting sunflowers

I appreciate my garden more and more every day at the moment. The sunshine and warm weather is a real life saver when you have a toddler and can’t leave the house. We spend most of our time moving sand and water around the garden, occasionally watering the plants, but mostly making a mess. It’s fun.

For a change though, we dug some old pots out of the now tidy (thanks to my furloughed husband!) shed and planted sunflowers. Entertainment and a good use of all the rich compost our composter is producing.

It was a bit chaotic, seeds and soil everywhere and we now have a dining room full of pots, but, we obviously did something right as our seeds are growing.

A crafty Easter

A crafty Easter

Like many others, I am sure, we were meant to be away this Easter, enjoying the countryside with family. Instead, we were deep in lockdown survival mode scrolling Instagram for toddler entertainment ideas, of which there are many!

I’ve been building a craft box from recycling and bits around the house since Christmas. Something I highly recommend, It’s provided endless entertainment – who knew plastic tubs and bottles could be so much fun?

We’ve not done much with it up until now, just a bit of painting and colouring in. That changed this weekend though with the unleashing of my creativity and limited artistic ability. Here’s what we got up to, with one of the original Instagram posts for comparison – think I may need to work on my drawing skills!

How I started with reusable nappies

How I started with reusable nappies

We’ve been using reusables since Izzy was about a month old and I can’t imagine using anything else.

Getting started is hard, though, especially when you’re already dealing with the overwhelming nature of pregnancy. There are so many types and makes available, and, while there is long-term money-saving potential, the upfront cost can be steep.

I’ve had quite a few ‘where to start’ conversations with friends, so here it is, the start of our reusable nappy story…


‘Why’ is a question I was asked a lot at the beginning. Why deal with all the poop? Why bother with the washing? Why not take the easy route and use disposables?

For me, it was simple. I couldn’t face the idea of sending thousands of disposable nappies to landfill when I didn’t need to. I was determined to make them work.


I started with a newborn trial pack, I can’t remember where from. There are a few places that offer them, and they are a good way of trialling different types. I paid for ours though, and I don’t remember it being particularly cheap, which is the downside.

If you’re in Edinburgh, Changeworks offer one I wish I had known about. It’s subsidised by Edinburgh Council so cheaper than most available. The Edinburgh Real Nappy Community also offer lending kits that you can borrow for a few weeks. Further afield in the UK, The Nappy Lady offers trial packs you can buy, try for 30 days and send back for a refund if you don’t get on with them.

Once you have an idea of what you like and what works for you and your baby, it is easier to build your stash. For us, the trial pack confirmed what we didn’t like rather than what we did. One of our key discoveries being that we are a Velcro household! But it all helps.

Then it is just a matter of taking a leap and buying your nappies. The majority of ours are 2nd hand, found locally on Facebook Market place. Here’s our haul laid out in the lounge…

We have a mix of types and makes, though the majority are Totsbots all-in-ones. Buying 2nd hand saved us a fortune and is better for the environment than buying new. It is a bit of a risk though; reusable nappies do wear out over time, so check the condition before you buy.