Children are an environmental nightmare. In fact, a study from 2017 that compared a range of lifestyle choices suggested that having one less child was the single biggest thing anyone can do reduce their carbon footprint. And there are stories of people forgoing having children for that very reason, but not me. I always thought I wanted two, and that is still the plan. We can’t all be perfect climate activists.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think about the environmental impact of parenting, though. I spend a lot of time pondering it and trying to figure out ways I can reduce it from reusable nappies and wipes to bamboo plates and bowls and favouring home cooking over pouches and shop-bought meals. The only rule I have is to try and keep it simple because, well, let’s face it; parenting is stressful enough without putting added unnecessary pressure on ourselves.

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How I started with reusable nappies

We’ve been using reusables since Izzy was about a month old and I can’t imagine using anything else. Getting started is hard, though, especially when you’re already dealing with the overwhelming nature of pregnancy. There are so many types and makes available, and, while there is long-term money-saving potential, the upfront cost can be steep….Continue reading »