Welcome to my page! I am mum, a business owner and a lover of the environment and animals. I’m also an anxiety sufferer, that worries a lot about, well, everything! Including my impact on the planet.

Living an eco-friendly life is hard, though, and it can be expensive and time-consuming as well. This website has been in my head for a while but I finally decided it was time to unleash it to the world, an attempt to share the small actions I am taking to make a difference and to inspire the next generation to love and look after nature.

Latest posts

Let’s be positive

s it me, or is there an overwhelming amount of negativity in the world right now? A constant stream of bad news, hate and anger? It seems every where I turn, there’s a reason to feel down and anxious. So, just for fun, here’s some positives.

Ice painting

The internet is full of ideas on how to entertain a toddler. You could spend hours scrolling through post after post and still not have a clue what you are going to do. Some ideas are great but, in my experience, many are far from the simple activity they are made out to be. If…Continue reading »

Planting sunflowers

I appreciate my garden more and more every day at the moment. The sunshine and warm weather is a real life saver when you have a toddler and can’t leave the house. We spend most of our time moving sand and water around the garden, occasionally watering the plants, but mostly making a mess. It’s…Continue reading »

A crafty Easter

Like many others, I am sure, we were meant to be away this Easter, enjoying the countryside with family. Instead, we were deep in lockdown survival mode scrolling Instagram for toddler entertainment ideas, of which there are many! I’ve been building a craft box from recycling and bits around the house since Christmas. Something I…Continue reading »


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